Third Places: For a more lively, social and intense neighbourhood!

06/08/2016 | News

Third Places: For a more lively, social and intense neighbourhood!

Third Places
Previously existing as plazas or cafés, third places have taken on a new dimension. These communal areas, appreciated for their proximity, exchanges and diversity, now serve the projects of their users. Through its Third Places offer, Bouygues Construction contributes to the emergence of these ever more lively areas that are vectors of social connections and facilitators of everyday life. Martial Desruelles, CEO of Linkcity Ile-de-France, and Olivier Soulier, Linkcity UK Director for Greater London, our property development subsidiaries, explained the Third Spaces approach and the expertise offered by Bouygues Construction in an interview for the Ice House Quarter project in London.

What exactly is a third places?

The hybrid concept of third spaces is focused on proximity and exchange. They are visible spaces close to your home that provide services and place a strong emphasis on mobility while embracing digital technology and digital sharing practices. As such, third spaces create a community and have dedicated leaders.

A Bouygues Construction offer: Third Places

The Third Places offer proposed by Bouygues Construction is adapted to customer needs. Whether they be offices, homes, areas or even public facilities, the Group partners these projects and advises its customers on the best strategies to implement, drawing on the proximity of its teams and their understanding of the local community. The aim is to foster togetherness, to be a pioneer, to encourage innovation and to create or renovate spaces.

For example, Bouygues UK created a creative industries hub for the Ice House Quarter urban regeneration project. The goal was to bring 'more diversity, attractiveness and activity' to this neighbourhood, said Oliver Soulier, the Manager of Linkcity UK in Greater London.

As the driving force behind the creation of these new hybrid spaces, Bouygues Construction distinguishes itself from its rivals by integrating third spaces right from the design phase. Be it on the scale of a cluster or, more broadly, of a neighbourhood, these living and sharing areas are truly marking their territory.

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