VSL is on track in Bangkok!

04/16/2016 | News

VSL is on track in Bangkok!

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The long-standing presence of VSL – a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction – in Thailand and a perfect understanding of the local market contribute in making Bouygues Construction firmly anchored in Bangkok. The company has been involved in the development of the city’s public transport network, a major project in this high-potential area. As with the participation in the construction of skyscrapers such as The River and Mahanakhon, VSL knows how to apply its expertise across a range of building projects.

On the rails in Bangkok

In the 1990s, following serious problems with traffic pollution caused by an expanding population, VSL and its subsidiary Intrafor took part in the key infrastructure project established by the city of Bangkok from its launch, participating in numerous projects to change daily transportation practices in the city:

VSL was chosen to carry out the post-tensioning and construction of 210 spans on the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS), or SkyTrain, Green Line for operational service in 1999.

Intrafor was later involved in the MRT, or Bangkok Metro, Blue Line project. It was in charge of the construction of over 150,000 m2 of diaphragm walls for five stations and one cut-and-cover tunnel. The line opened to the public in 2004.  

In 2010—following major post-tensioning works and the construction of over 600 spans by VSL between 2005 and 2007—the Airport Rail Link (ARL) line opened, providing a rapid connection from Bangkok's centre to the Suvarnabhumi airport. The ARL line is 28.6 km in length. A large proportion of the line is constructed on viaducts.

The future MRT Purple Line is now under construction. It will provide a connection between Bangkok and its suburbs.

VSL was also one of the players in the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) or Red Line project, carrying out post-tensioning works on the metro section that will cross the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok's most famous river.

VSL, the leader in the field!

A subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, VSL has locations worldwide through a network of local subsidiaries established in 30 countries. As a designer and constructor of projects that incorporate post-tensioning systems, the subsidiary is also a major operator on other high added-value markets, such as the reinforcement of existing structures, ground improvement techniques and heavy lifting of structures. In recent years, VSL has contributed to the construction of the Mahanakhon Tower, the Australian Embassy, The River residential complex and the Noble Ploenchit residential complex. All are in Bangkok.  

Together with the infrastructure schemes in which the company has been involved, these projects reflect VSL's solid foothold in Thailand, and especially Bangkok.

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