Bouygues Construction and ICF Habitat La Sablière begin works on the first design-build-operate-maintain contract in social housing

03/18/2014 | Release

Bouygues Construction and ICF Habitat La Sablière begin works on the first design-build-operate-maintain contract in social housing

Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, a Bouygues Construction subsidiary, has launched works for ICF Habitat La Sablière on the first design-build-operate-maintain (DBOM) contract in France for social housing.

The Group will construct three buildings containing 122 apartments in Achères, northwest of Paris.  Cogemex, a joint subsidiary of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France and Bouygues Energies & Services, will provide maintenance for four years. Works are scheduled for completion in the first half of 2017.

The project has been designed in the innovative form of a DBOM, a type of contract based on public funding, unlike a public-private partnership (PPP). ICF Habitat La Sablière is therefore responsible for financing the operation.

This environmentally responsible project complies fully with the commitment to sustainable construction shared by Bouygues Construction and ICF Habitat La Sablière.
The maximum consumption of primary energy (heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning) will not exceed 50 kWh/m²/year. ICF Habitat La Sablière will inform and assist tenants so that they can develop the reflexes to ensure that this target is met.

Philippe Fabié, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Construction, said: "After signing the first design-build-maintain (DBM) contract for the University of Bordeaux I in November 2012, Bouygues Construction is once again showing its capacity to adapt to meet all the demands of its customers, whatever type of contract or mode of finance suits them."

Hervé Fontaine, Director of Development at ICF Habitat La Sablière, said: "Reducing operating costs is a top priority for ICF Habitat La Sablière, which is seeking to develop the environmental performance of its buildings. The DBOM contract will make it possible to meet these objectives thanks to its all-encompassing nature and the commitment shown by each partner."

About Bouygues Construction

As a global player in construction and services, Bouygues Construction designs, builds and operates buildings and structures which improve the quality of people's living and working environment: public and private buildings, transport infrastructures and energy and communications networks. A leader in sustainable construction, the Group and its 52,200 employees have a long-term commitment to helping their customers shape a better life. In 2013, Bouygues Construction generated sales of 11.1 billion euros.

About ICF Habitat La Sablière

With a stock of 38,000 homes, including 3,900 one-room flats and single bedrooms and an ambitious production target, ICF Habitat La Sablière is contributing to the development of a new offer of social housing in line with public policies. In 2014, ICF Habitat La Sablière aims to deliver or acquire 1,500 housing units in the Paris region. The company also carries out an active policy of renovating its buildings to improve the living environment for tenants and the attractiveness of its properties. ICF Habitat La Sablière is a subsidiary of ICF Habitat.

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