Bouygues Construction launched a massive Europe wide safety campaign against addiction

10/19/2009 | Release

Bouygues Construction launched a massive Europe wide safety campaign against addiction

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On 19 October 2009, all the subsidiaries of Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe (Bouygues Construction contractors in the French regions and the rest of Europe) were mobilised for the launch of a massive safety campaign on the theme of fighting addiction. 

The slogan for the day, "Someone is behind every accident", intended to challenge the assumption that accidents are inevitable in the construction industry. A specific message focuses on fighting addiction, which is a major risk factor: "Alcohol and drugs are banned from worksites. Drinkers and users too." 

Over 10,000 people were involved in the event, which mobilised all the group's employees in the French regions (excluding the Paris region) and Europe, including interns, temporary workers and subcontractors. Work on all sites will stop for the whole morning. 

Considerable resources were devoted to making our people more aware of the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol on safety, including: 

•    a video inspired by a true-life situation and made under real conditions, 

•    a hard-hitting poster campaign designed to make a lasting impression, 

•    anonymous tests distributed to all employees (breathalyser and saliva tests). 

The event followed on from a first European safety day in September 2007 which focused on putting two fundamental principles into practice: the right of withdrawal and the right of alert when a situation presents a risk. 
For Philippe Bonnave, Chief Executive of Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe, "there is nothing inevitable about accidents. We are doing all we can to eliminate accidents entirely. In our business, its employees are a company's greatest asset. Safety is paramount. It is one of the key themes of the group's sustainable development policy." 

In addition to the theme of addiction, Bouygues Construction regularly carries out safety awareness campaigns, systematically involving all its employees and stakeholders. 

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