Bouygues Construction launches "Global Mobility" to encourage international mobility for its teams

05/12/2016 | Release

Bouygues Construction launches "Global Mobility" to encourage international mobility for its teams

Bouygues Construction is launching a major new international mobility campaign, “Global Mobility”, intended to provide its employees with wider career opportunities in the various countries in which it operates (including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Cuba, Nigeria, France etc.). Because of the diversity of Bouygues Construction’s projects and its presence on every continent, mobility is one of the key strengths of its HR policy.

To mark the launch of this first major campaign, Bouygues Construction organised a promotional operation totally dedicated to international mobility. This was a physical and digital forum on held on April 7 and 8 at Challenger, its head office at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, outside Paris. The event took the form of two days of encounters with specialists in mobility along with the inauguration of a digital platform enabling Group employees in all corners of the world to discover posts available in a variety of destinations.

Jean-Manuel Soussan, Executive Vice President of Bouygues Construction, said: “Professional mobility must be one of our priorities at Bouygues Construction. It ensures that we are able to break down boundaries between our various entities and structures and it allows individuals to find out about new environments, to come to grips with different issues and to enrich their careers. With this forum, we wanted to offer our employees the chance to take control of their own career paths.”

The job offers available, which are intended for people who have already acquired solid experience, concern both operational and functional professions (works, engineering and methods, purchasing, logistics, supervision, etc.). It is a perfect opportunity for individuals to broaden their networks and to discover for themselves the major projects of Bouygues Construction’s entities and the benefits of expatriation, while realising the dream of a new cultural environment.

The initiative has been given a positive welcome by the Group’s employees, more than 3,000 of whom have consulted the platform presenting the operation. More than 200 appointments with HR managers were organised during the two-day forum and more than 300 contacts were made on stands devoted to countries and geographical regions that are recruiting.

Bouygues Construction’s international development, the opening of new subsidiaries and major contracts signed in every corner of the world offer new opportunities. With the chance of wider responsibilities, a change of profession, geographical change and gateways between Building, Civil Works and Energies & Services, more than 2,000 Bouygues Construction employees achieve their professional projects each year, opting for a new challenge within the Group.

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