Bouygues Construction launches Wizom for life

04/10/2018 | Release

Bouygues Construction launches Wizom for lifean offer of adaptable housing that provides occupants with lifelong support

Wizom for life
Bouygues Construction has chosen an annual trade fair organised for mayors in the Paris region to present its new offer, “Wizom for Life”: flexible and modular homes that provide support for occupants corresponding to each stage in their lives. It complements “Wizom Connected”, which is already part of the Wizom housing offer.

Stéphane Slama-Royer, CEO of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France - Habitat Social, said: “Wizom for Life is housing that adapts for its residents, whatever their age and their current or future circumstances. It’s housing that’s suitable for all ages, which makes the most of available housing stock by creating customisable, adaptable housing. This new Wizom offer adapts housing to the needs of 21st century households.”


Meeting the challenges of urbanisation while staying ahead of regulatory changes set to impact both new-build and renovated constructions, the Wizom for Life approach focuses on five key areas:

  • More ergonomic housing designed by an occupational therapist, who ensures a fit between residents’ needs and the design of the homes for a better user experience and greater comfort.
  • More flexible housing thanks to adaptable architecture and modular construction techniques. Totally reversible, all equipment can be added or removed according to life changes affecting the occupants, or for the arrival of new occupants.
  • More reassuring housing fitted with specific systems to reduce accidents for children and seniors, the two categories for which domestic accidents are the most frequent.
  • More suitable housing thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), which makes it possible to detect emergencies and send an alert to the hotline of our partner, Pharmagest.
  • Housing that fosters intergenerational bonds thanks to our partners Unis-Cité and Hakisa, who provide activities and services that encourage residents to interact.



Strongly committed to smart and sustainable cities, Bouygues Construction has already piloted Wizom for Life and confirmed its potential on several reference sites, such as the Azais residence in Sanguinet, the Résidences Vertes in Pulnoy and Ivry Confluences in Ivry-sur-Seine.

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