Bouygues Construction receives an award for "tunnelling project of the year in Hong Kong"

12/21/2011 | Release

Bouygues Construction receives an award for "tunnelling project of the year in Hong Kong"

Dragages Hong Kong, a Bouygues Construction subsidiary, has just won an award for the "tunnelling project of the year", for a drainage tunnel currently under construction. 

This prestigious award was granted as part of the International Tunnelling Awards organised each year by the International Tunnelling Association and New Civil Engineer, a trade journal, to reward a model project built under adverse conditions. Their study's criteria are design, execution, innovation, teamwork, commitment to local residents and authorities, plus the ability to go beyond the client's requirements and expectations. This drainage tunnel to the west of Hong Kong won the prize in the category of contracts ranging between USD 100 million and 1 billion. 
Under construction jointly with Nishimatsu, a Japanese company, the 10.5 kilometre tunnel is designed to solve seasonal flooding problems by carrying storm water directly to the sea. Two tunnelling machines were needed to cut through the area's granite and volcanic terrain. Designed to pierce hard rock, they are largest of their kind ever used in Hong Kong. 
In addition, the raise-boring technique(1) was used to sink 32 shafts from 40 to 175 metres deep in a highly urban environment, a first for Hong Kong. 

Delivery of the tunnel, which mobilized 1,000 staff at its peak, is scheduled for June 2012.

Dragages Hong Kong is currently boring several railway tunnels, working on building projects and a cruise-ship terminal. 
(1) A technique used to dig very deep shafts through solid rock in record time. 

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