Bouygues Construction shares its vision of digital modelling with customers and partners

06/11/2014 | Release

Bouygues Construction shares its vision of digital modelling with customers and partners

Bouygues Construction has published a brochure entitled Building Before Building. Intended for customers and partners, it is dedicated to the subject of digital modelling.

Through this publication, Bouygues Construction demonstrates how digital modelling and the management of the data it employs - known as Building Information Modelling, or BIM - make it possible to design, construct and operate buildings and structures more rapidly and more effectively.

Building Before Building attests to Bouygues Construction's commitment to promoting digital modelling and BIM. The Group has already launched around ten R&D projects devoted to these topics, and has put them into practice on construction projects both in France (the Paris Philharmonic Hall, the Amiens-Picardie teaching hospital) and abroad (Ivory Coast, the Singapore Sports Hub).

Yves Gabriel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Construction, said: "We are in no doubt that digital modelling is the future and it represents a major source of progress. More than ever, we have to find a different way of working that will enable us to confront the new challenges in the construction industry. BIM is today playing a key part in the shift to more industrial construction methods, which will allow us to significantly reduce lead times and costs, which will be in everyone's interest."

To produce this publication, Bouygues Construction's Forward Planning and Strategic Marketing, R&D and Technical departments enlisted the help of experts in digital modelling and BIM from all the Group's business sectors. They also benefited from the feedback of those who work with digital modelling and BIM on an everyday basis: customers, partners, software houses, BIM professional user groups and academics were invited to contribute their points of view to the brochure.

Building Before Building can be consulted and downloaded on the

website, where visitors can discover further information on the topic and see virtual 3D modelling in use for themselves.

The Building Before Building brochure is also available in printed form on request.

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