Bouygues Construction signs a contract to build the new Paris Law Court complex

02/14/2012 | Release

Bouygues Construction signs a contract to build the new Paris Law Court complex

The Arelia consortium (1) and the Etablissement Public du Palais de Justice de Paris (the governing body of the Paris Law Courts), acting on behalf of the French Government, have signed a contract for the financing, design and construction of the new Paris Law Courts complex, and the provision of maintenance and upkeep services for a period of 27 years. 

Under the contract, Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France will be responsible for design and construction, for a total of €575 million. Exprimm, a subsidiary of ETDE (the Energy and Services division of Bouygues Construction), will provide facilities management services for the complex for an annual sum of €12.8 million (2)

The future Paris Law Courts building will unite five facilities currently spread all around Paris in a single location. Located in the Batignolles urban development zone, it will house the Paris regional court, the police court and the public prosecution service. It will also include the district courts attached to each of the capital's arrondissements. In all, the new complex will have the capacity to accommodate more than 8,000 people per day. 

Designed by the architect Renzo Piano for the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the project consists in the construction of a 160 m-tall edifice composed of separate functional elements which allow for more than 1 hectare of open-air terraces planted with trees and a podium housing more than 90 courtrooms. The future law courts complex will have a direct link to the Martin Luther King city park and the Porte de

Clichy, where the public transport facilities that will serve the site are located. 

Thermal inertia of the complex, use of natural ventilation, tree-planted terraces, incorporation of photovoltaic panels on the facade and recovery of rainwater are among the environmental solutions employed in this example of bioclimatic architecture. 

The future law courts complex will set a new benchmark for energy consumption in a very tall building. 

Works will begin in Summer 2013, and will last three and a half years. 
(1) The shareholders in the Arelia consortium are the financial investors Lloyds, DIF and SEIEF, as well as Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France and Exprimm, both subsidiaries of Bouygues Construction. Design is by Renzo Piano of Renzo Piano Building Workshop and consulting engineers Setec Bâtiment, Setec TPI, RFR and Berim. 

(2) The facilities management services include preventive maintenance, renovation and maintenance projects, cleaning, fire safety, reception and gardening services for a 27-year period.

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