A declaration on the Flamanville EPR construction site

01/11/2011 | Release

A declaration on the Flamanville EPR construction site

Following a number of media reports that have appeared in recent days on the subject of the Flamanville EPR nuclear reactor project, the two Bouygues Construction subsidiaries working on the site wish to clarify the following points:

Everyone working on the civil engineering package, whether or not they are employed by Bouygues Construction subsidiaries and whatever their nationality, is employed in accordance with French legislation. All contracts signed on the Flamanville EPR site fully comply with French law with regard to both working conditions and levels of pay.

Both Bouygues Travaux Publics and Quille, the Bouygues Construction subsidiaries working on the Flamanville EPR construction site, have taken on a large number of people in the Normandy region. Many of those hired were contacted through a "job bus" which toured roughly twenty neighbouring towns and villages to offer work to jobseekers. Thanks to this initiative, which was carried out in conjunction with EDF, ANPE (the French national employment agency), APEC (the employment agency for managers and executives) and the Manche département council, approximately 400 people received training in a variety of trades, including formworking, crane driving, carpentry and operating site machines.

For certain trades, Bouygues Travaux Publics and Quille have subcontracted to companies with acknowledged expertise, some of them French (from the Lower Normandy and Aquitaine regions, for instance), others from elsewhere in Europe. Having been unable to source a sufficient supply of qualified manpower in France for the steel reinforcements, the Group broadened the bidding process to the rest of Europe, and selected Elco, a Romanian company with an excellent reputation in its sector, which has a perfect record of applying European legislation. This company scrupulously applies French legislation and labour law on the EPR site.

Finally, with regard to the accommodation conditions of some site workers, the Bouygues Construction subsidiaries wish to point out that this aspect is managed by an inter-company agency common to all the contractors present on the site. Although this topic is therefore not the direct responsibility of Bouygues Construction subsidiaries, they nonetheless remain particularly attentive to the quality of their site workers' accommodation. As major participants in the works that have been carried out to date on the site, they will listen carefully to all requests for improvements made by those housed by the inter-company agency.

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