Linkcity: the Bouygues Construction property development subsidiaries adopt a new brand name

12/02/2015 | Release

Linkcity: the Bouygues Construction property development subsidiaries adopt a new brand name

The Bouygues Construction property development subsidiaries in the Paris region and the French provinces will be harmonising their names as of January 1, 2016. In the Paris region, Sodéarif will become Linkcity Ile-de-France; in northern and eastern France, Cirmad Nord-Est will become Linkcity Nord-Est; in south-eastern France, Cirmad Grand Sud will become Linkcity Sud-Est; in western France, Cirmad Prospectives will become Linkcity Grand Ouest; and in central and south-western France, Cirmad Centre Sud-Ouest will become Linkcity Centre Sud-Ouest.

Philippe Bonnave, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bouygues Construction, said: “Linkcity reflects our new ambition for property development at Bouygues Construction, expressing both the link that we are constantly seeking to strengthen with our customers and the close link that exists between the projects we offer and their environment. The new brand name also suggests our strong capability for technical, legal and financial innovation.”

The use of a shared name emphasises the synergies, pooled resources and a commitment to service and quality shared by Bouygues Construction’s property development subsidiaries in all their local territories, where direct knowledge of local characteristics gives them an accurate understanding of customers’ expectations.

Originally created more than 25 years ago, Bouygues Construction’s network of property developers today operates throughout France as well as in numerous other countries. Its expertise in the management of varied types of operations provides the Group with know-how that complements its traditional business and enables it to support its customers at every stage of their projects: planning, design, construction, financial engineering and maintenance.

Linkcity possesses comprehensive expertise that ensures project management in full compliance with the programme, costs and lead times from design to handover. It provides support for customers through every phase of property projects, offering the best economic and urban solutions to derive value from real estate and optimising the completion of multi-product projects.

Thanks to the expertise of Bouygues Construction’s finance and legal affairs specialists, Linkcity can offer its customers innovative partnerships and guarantee effective financial and legal packages (property development contracts, off-plan sales, leasing, outsourcing) tailored to the needs of both investors and users.

Linkcity’s teams coordinate the numerous phases of real estate operations – feasibility, design, engineering studies, legal and financial packages, planning permission, monitoring the contract, financial closing, etc. – working with a multi-disciplinary team (architect, institutional clients, financial partners, users, municipal services, notaries, legal counsel, building contractors, etc.). They manage interactions between all the players, and are committed to a successful outcome.

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