A new brand promise for Bouygues Construction

07/18/2012 | Release

A new brand promise for Bouygues Construction

Dragon Rouge is helping Bouygues Construction define the positioning of its corporate brand. 

Its new ambition is to contribute to improving our everyday surroundings.
The construction industry is constantly advancing, the world's needs and expectations are changing, and the very act of construction implies a strong commitment to the future. Bouygues Construction wants to make a stronger statement of its commitment to sustainable construction. Beyond the quality of its buildings and structures, it is crucial to consider their impact on the environment and on natural resources at each stage of their lives. More widely, Bouygues Construction wants to enable everyone (customers, users, employees, etc.) to thrive in surroundings that combine well-being with protection of the environment. This is the challenge that Bouygues Construction intends to pursue over the coming years. 

A new corporate slogan, "Shaping a better life", that reflects this ambition 
In view of the context and the challenges that face Bouygues Construction, the new corporate slogan devised by Dragon Rouge, "Shaping a better life", ties in with the Group's desire to make the invisible visible. This positioning is not cosmetic; it demonstrates a commitment that has been crucial to the Group over several years. It also broadens Bouygues Construction's role as a player in sustainable construction to the benefit of the entire ecosystem (customers, users, local residents, partners, citizens and employees). It also shows the frame of mind that underscores the day-to-day work of the Group's teams: that of always putting into perspective for whom and for what utilisation Bouygues Construction is designing and constructing its projects. 

A brand universe that matches Bouygues Construction's DNA
To enable this positioning to find its expression through a strong identity and to ensure that it can be applied by Group employees in all parts of the world, Dragon Rouge has designed a complete universe derived from the codes of the brand: a "Better Life" stamp that highlights all the Group's initiatives in favour of sustainable development, the Group's signature orange colour, a graphic system derived from the shape of the logo a style of photos imbued with humanism and well-being. The identity system functions on various levels to enable each subsidiary of Bouygues Construction to employ it according to its own specific requirements. 

Dragon Rouge is proud to assist Bouygues Construction in rolling out this identity platform through visual and verbal style and content, launch tools (brandbook, launch film, graphic standards), design of the 2011 annual report, etc.

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