The preservation of biodiversity in towns and cities : a new commitment to the environment from Bouygues Construction

10/30/2012 | Release

The preservation of biodiversity in towns and cities : a new commitment to the environment from Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction strengthens its biodiversity partnership with Noé Conservation

Bouygues Construction has already committed itself to biodiversity through an agreement with Noé Conservation, an organisation with specialist expertise in preserving biodiversity. The Group is now broadening its plan of action to include urban biodiversity.

The aim of the new partnership agreement is to develop Bouygues Construction's pro-biodiversity initiatives, and to ensure that this approach is extended to all its subsidiaries.

Aware of its environmental responsibilities, the Group is committed to safeguarding and preserving plant and animal species and enhancing biodiversity through new initiatives relating to buildings, structures and infrastructure (roads, railways, street lighting, etc.), during both construction and operation phases. The partnership is an element of Bouygues Construction's sustainable construction strategy.

The Group is seeking to meet the expectations of civil society and anticipate its customers' needs to devise innovative offers in the field of biodiversity, primarily through its research and development activities. Bouygues Construction's policy in this area takes the form of a voluntary declaration of commitment to the implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategy 2011-2020(1), which was instigated by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

This partnership will enhance numerous actions that have been undertaken by Bouygues Construction and its subsidiaries on a range of projects:
•    The Nîmes and Montpellier rail bypass: in conjunction with RFF, several biodiversity core areas and ecological corridors situated along the route of the line are being accorded special attention to ensure they are protected. Other planned measures include the setting up of an environmental observatory and the conservation of protected heritage species.

•    The Beaugrenelle shopping centre in Paris: in collaboration with the customer, Gecina, the Beaugrenelle shopping centre is being integrated into the City of Paris biodiversity plan. The project will include 7,000m2 of green roofs and facades, beehives, nest boxes, insect hotels, etc. The aim is to create a building with positive biodiversity.

•    Urban street lighting: ETDE, the Energy and Services division of Bouygues Construction, is working with Noé Conservation on limiting the impact of its operations on biodiversity. In towns such as Vif (in south-eastern France) and Longjumeau (near Paris), the company has introduced smart street lighting solutions which will protect the natural nocturnal environment and biodiversity by limiting "light pollution" while ensuring the safety of local residents.

•    Challenger, the head office of Bouygues Construction, in Guyancourt: the building, which is undergoing renovation, is seeking to become both a showcase and a site for experimentation with regard to biodiversity. It has been awarded the "Jardins de Noé" label, which entails a number of commitments, such as providing flowery meadows, reducing water consumption and restring night lighting. In addition, to ensure the Challenger beehives are run effectively, Bouygues Construction has signed up to a programme run by the National Union of French Beekeeping called "The Bee, Sentinel of the Environment".  

Meanwhile, Norpac, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, has collaborated with Lille Catholic University to produce a guide to positive biodiversity (, which provides all the keys for designing and building a neighbourhood with positive biodiversity.

This focus on biodiversity forms part of Bouygues Construction's sustainable development policy. The Group's ambition is to build a sustainable living environment by delivering projects to its customers that protect the environment while ensuring comfort and well-being for users.

(1) The national biodiversity strategy 2011-2020 defines 20 targets for preserving and reinforcing biodiversity in France.

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