Resumption of construction works on the new Paris Law Courts complex

04/02/2014 | Release

Resumption of construction works on the new Paris Law Courts complex

Works on the construction site of the new Paris Law Courts complex had to be interrupted following an appeal lodged by a group of lawyers and difficulties relating to raising the private finance earmarked for this operation.

The Arélia consortium(1), which is responsible for building the new Paris Law Courts complex, was informed on Thursday, April 3, of the Administrative Court of Appeal's ruling, rejecting in its turn an injunction lodged against the contractual arrangements adopted, this request having previously been dismissed by the lower Administrative Tribunal.

With the agreement of the Etablissement Public du Palais de Justice de Paris (the governing body of the Paris Law Courts), Arélia has now announced the resumption of work on the site with immediate effect, which will allow the future complex to be brought into service in 2017.

Bouygues Construction is delighted that works are resuming on this vast project designed by Renzo Piano, which will provide 9.5 million man-hours of employment.

(1) The shareholders in the Arélia consortium are the financial investors Lloyds and DIF, along with Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France and Bouygues Energies & Services.

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