The Incity Tower

The Incity Tower


The Incity Tower

A benchmark in sustainable construction and operation

Built by Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est and opened in 2016, the Incity Tower has already established itself as a benchmark for urban innovation, environmental performance and creating quality working space.

Jean-Claude Condamin,
Chairman of Sogelym Dixence
“I am particularly pleased to be building Incity, an iconic project for the Lyon urban area, along with the Bouygues Construction Group.”


The Incity Tower is part of an effort to modernise the Part-Dieu district in Lyon, the second-largest business district in France. Designed by Valode & Pistre and AIA architects, it is the highest tower in the city (standing taller than the “Pencil”, also in the Part-Dieu): the tip of its mast reaches a height of 200 metres! With 44,500 m² of floor space on 39 storeys, the Incity Tower will be a new landmark on the Lyon skyline. It houses roughly 2,700 employees on 32 levels and includes a basement level specially for technical areas, a two-storey-high entrance hall, and an inter-company restaurant occupying two floors. 


Designed to provide its occupants with a high level of comfort, the Incity Tower contains leisure areas and an elevator system in which two cabins operate one above the other in the same shaft, which improves the flow of people in the building.


With an eye on the future, the Incity Tower established itself as a benchmark in the reduction of environmental impacts before it was even built. Certified during construction, the building has continued these efforts through its operating procedures and the green lease adopted by its future occupants. Incity was designed to ensure the well-being of its occupants, favouring natural lighting and providing direct daylight for 90% of its offices. The modular design of its floor spaces makes it easy to try out new ways of organising the workplace, making management and internal communication easier.


The Incity Tower is the first tower in Lyon to be awarded the BBC low energy-consumption label, and it has also obtained a double certification with the HQE and BREEAM Excellent labels. The building stands out for its remarkable energy performance. It is equipped with energy-efficient systems, and should consume less than 90 kWhPE/m²/year in total, compared to an average of 500 kWhPE/m²/year for the previous generation of office towers. 

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