Surrey Hospital

Surrey Hospital


Surrey Hospital

A pioneering project gets great treatment

Surrey Hospital, in Canada, is a pioneer in more ways than one: it is the first ambulatory hospital in British Columbia, the first Canadian public-private partnership and the first full-scale testing of BIM digital modelling. For this ambitious project, two Group subsidiaries, Bouygues Bâtiment International and Bouygues Energies & Services, joined forces.

Philippe Gesret,
project director
“Through this public-private partnership, genuine cooperation has been created with the meeting of two cultures. We have been able to learn about each other and improve how we work together day after day. We share the same target of satisfying the customer.”


Opened in June 2011, 30 kilometres from Vancouver, the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre was the first hospital in the province to be totally devoted to day surgery. In a light and pleasant environment nestling in a vast park, Surrey Hospital offers patients treatment in more than 50 departments, housed in four storeys of clinical premises and operating theatres. The facility has been designed to be sustainable and flexible. The surface area can be extended by up to 30% to meet the future needs of a health area of 1.5 million inhabitants, constantly growing.


After two years of studies and experiments, Surrey Hospital was the first project to be completed with the use of BIM digital modelling. This made Bouygues Construction a pioneer among French players in the sector. The 3D modelling of the building prior to construction made it possible to restrict the number of collisions* to 600, as compared to the 6,000 usually encountered in projects of such complexity. Thanks to considerable savings in time and gains in fluidity, we were able to deliver the building on time and on budget. Another  innovative feature of the project was that its design was developed in parallel with the construction process, enabling the entire finishing phase to be conducted in consultation with its future users.

* A collision is interference or conflict that involves structures, architecture, fluids, etc.


A pioneering project model was used for the construction of Surry Hospital. The project was carried out as Canada’s first ever public-private partnership, associating two of the Group’s subsidiaries, Bouygues Building Canada (Bouygues Bâtiment  International) and Bouygues Energies & Services Canada, with Fraser Health Authority, the largest hospital authority in the province of British Columbia. The partners shared the two key objectives of providing better healthcare for outpatients and relieving congestion in local hospitals.


Optimised to limit energy consumption, Surrey Hospital has been awarded LEED Gold certification, which means that the building is at least 40% more energy-efficient than a standard construction. 


To guarantee the best possible protection for the environment, coordination with the municipal authorities was given top priority, in particular to ensure that no tree-pruning took place during the nesting season and to conserve green spaces. The same green policy prevails in the thirty-year maintenance contract awarded to Bouygues Energies & Services FM Canada, which stipulates eco-friendly products in order to obtain the Canadian Green Sustainability Contractor certification. 

In Short
76,000 M2
of floor space
months of works to deliver the brand-new hospital complex
5 M€
spent annually on upkeep and renewals