Helping imagine our world tomorrow, opening new horizons with our employees and our partners, for the benefit of our customers, communities and the environment. As a global player, Bouygues Construction seizes the opportunities provided by technological advances to constantly modernise its businesses.
Dijon, number 1 French smart city A consortium consisting of Bouygues Energies & Services and Citelum (EDF), with Suez and CapGemini, is responsible for the design and construction of a connected control system covering public spaces for Dijon Métropole, and operating and maintaining it for a period of 12 years. The system allows real-time fingertip management of all the services and infrastructure of the 24 towns forming the metropolitan area, including street lighting, traffic regulation, CC cameras, security and safety of public buildings and radio communications. The project is being conducted in line with the Group’s Open Data and Open Innovation strategies.
A commitment to 65% energy savings
“Tomorrow, modular construction will enable us to fully embrace the main underlying trends: industrialisation, prefabrication, digitisation and the circular economy” Aurélie Cleraux, Modular Construction and Innovation Manager at Bouygues Bâtiment International
Clement Canopy, Singapour – Dragages Singapore
Architecte : ADDP Architects
The tallest modular construction buildings in Singapore Even though assembling prefabricated modules weighing more than 30 tonnes to a tolerance of 2 millimetres presents an enormous challenge, the Group subsidiary Dragages Singapore has become a leader in modular construction, having pioneered the technique in 2014 with the construction of an extension to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Singapore airport. The company has confirmed its expertise in the technology, which reduces the building time and the noise impact of construction sites. On the Clement Canopy project, it erected two residential towers standing 140 metres tall. In January 2018, it won a design-build contract for a 613-apartment development, the Serangoon North Avenue project.
The Zourite, a giant barge for the new coastal highway in Reunion Island The Zourite, a jack-up barge with eight legs each with lift capacity of 4, 000 tonnes, two 33 metre-tall travelling cranes capable of hoisting 4,800 tonnes, four propellers, dynamic positioning, anchor lines and a concrete plant, has been hard at work since October 2016 on the construction project of the new coastal highway in Reunion Island. It is transporting and installing piers and precast sections of what will be France’s longest offshore viaduct, an arc 5.4 km long.
© Ilotdrones — Viaduc de la Nouvelle Route du Littoral, la Réunion — Bouygues Travaux Publics
1000+An offer undergoing trials
in over 1,000 homes
WIZOM Connected for connected housing and social links One of the first global digital offers on the residential market, Wizom Connected is based on the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and predictive equipment management. This connected tool for homes is intended for property developers and social landlords, for either new-build or refurbishment projects. It simplifies management, allows more responsive maintenance, and ensures energy savings and greater comfort and safety. Features can be customised and are managed using a mobile app shared by block management and residents, which also incorporates a dedicated social network for each apartment block.
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3 days:target time for erecting
the walls
Printing a 3D house A first for France: in Nantes, social housing has been built using a 3D industrial printing process. In partnership with the University of Nantes, which has developed the Batiprint3D™ process, Bouygues Construction was responsible for building the 95 m2 house. The walls were raised by the articulated arm of a robot: two layers of expanding foam between which concrete was poured. Among the benefits of the process are freedom of architectural forms, a shorter construction time and thermal insulation in place at the end of the construction phase.
A digital project management platform Already fully committed to developing the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling), Bouygues Construction is stepping up its digital transformation with a view to industrialising its operations even more and collaborating better with its outside suppliers. This solution, based on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform and designed in partnership with Accenture, will provide employees and the complete supply chain with a collaborative management tool allowing project data to be simultaneously used by all players throughout the life cycle of the building or structure. This initiative is a world first in the construction sector.
“VSL and Intrafor designed a global construction project and added value through technical innovation technique.” Kwong Hung Lai,
CEO of VSL Hong Kong

“The forepolling ensured the stability of the land during excavation and the sliding of the prefabricated boxes.” Jean-Christophe Gillard,
CEO of Intrafor Hong Kong
Highly complex twin tunnel project in Hong Kong A key phase of the Hong Kong Link Road, a 70-metre twin tunnel beneath the Airport Express Link (AEL) – the train connecting the international airport with Hong Kong city centre – has been delivered by VSL and Intrafor. This particularly complex tunnel project began in 2013 and could be carried out without disrupting rail operations thanks to a number of innovations, including a computer-aided ground improvement technique, installation of forepolling using a sophisticated drilling system and the use of hydraulic jacks to slide 12 boxes weighing 5 tonnes each. This “box jacking” method is being used for the first time in Hong Kong.

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