In a continuation of a long tradition of societal commitment, Bouygues Construction has for a long time invested in countries, regions and cities where the Group has a presence with a view to coming to the aid of communities, and integrating itself as far as possible into the local fabric of the community.

Over and above its role as a constructor, Bouygues Construction is a citizen-actor - a business committed to the land on which it is working and where it does its business. This drive is manifested in community spirit initiatives covering four key domains:

  • Health;
  • Education;
  • Local access to employment and use of regional supply sources, and
  • Support in emergency situations or natural disasters.

A wide range of initiatives are taken at worksite level within the confines of Group partnerships made with international NGOs. These include formwork donations, fundraising, clothing donations, school education support, skills sponsorship, higher education financing, leave for humanitarian reasons and reconstruction.   

Community Spirit: Bouygues Construction’s Ambition and Performance
  • 100 % of our structures have set up an associative partnership aimed at supporting education, health, work placements or responding to emergency situations.

 partnerships in 2020 to support education, health and work placements

4.5 million

euros of investment in patronage and sponsorship


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In 2018, the Terre Plurielle foundation supported the Architectes de l’urgence [‘Emergency Architects’] foundation that helps communities stranded in the wake of a natural or technological disaster, or where they are stranded following a conflict. Terre Plurielle has been involved in the renovation of a primary school in Madagascar that hosts 510 students: 7 classrooms, the outdoor toilets, the library and the management offices were restored.

Rachid Sikkou

Terre Plurielle supports the organisation ‘Jardins de Cocagne’ [‘Gardens of Cocagne’] in its setting up of organic market garden operations, in which people in precarious living situations are given the opportunity to gain work experience and benefit from social integration. Financial support has resulted in the purchase of a greenhouse and part of an indoor agricultural space that is used to store and sort the harvests, keep equipment, and welcome consumer-members. In addition, personal support is given through skills transfer and sponsorship.


Since 2008, the Terre Plurielle foundation has supported 259 projects that encourage access to education and jobs, better health and initiatives to combat unstable living situations. These projects that are everywhere where the Group has a presence are sponsored by 314 Bouygues Construction employees, resulting in 194 organisations in 32 countries receiving support.



The Terre Plurielle foundation has launched the Terre d’Avenir [‘Land of the future’] programme in which co-workers are invited to get involved in initiatives linked to education and employment: helping with schooling, personal support and work placement sponsorship.
A partnership was signed with the Entraide Scolaire Amicale organisation that gives volunteers the opportunity to support children experiencing difficulties with their education in their homes.
Over 30 employees have responded to the call for volunteers since 2016.