Exemplary operations

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is essential to Bouygues Construction's strategy and we are committed to ensuring that these company-wide policies are effective at each operational site.

To achieve this objective, Bouygues Construction has created TopSite, a common labelling system aiming to standardise best practice throughout the Group's operations. Launched in June 2018 as one of the 12 areas of commitment of our new "Responsible and Committed" CSR Vision, its purpose is to attest to the exemplary nature of our operations.

Bouygues Construction's two existing building site labels, Ecosite and Chantier Bleu, extended only to environmental, quality, and health and safety issues, and so did not cover all the Group's entities. The TopSite label is more comprehensive, applying to all branches (building, public works, energy and service activities) and encompassing the whole range of CSR issues: health and safety, environment, social and societal issues, as well as quality and customer satisfaction.

TopSite has a twofold aim. First, it seeks to ensure that commitments made at Bouygues Construction level are correctly implemented in all of the 60 countries where we operate, giving employees a sense of shared purpose based on common standards and the communication of good practices between different business lines and geographical areas. Second, it aims to provide customers with guarantees of the Group's CSR performance, thereby building a relationship of trust with them.

"TopSite is a great tool for managing CSR everywhere we operate. It ensures that our actions are in line with our words, and that our "Responsible and Committed" Group strategy is truly operational."

Claire Boilley-forestier
Sustainable Development Manager, Bouygues Construction
Ambition and performance

100% of eligible sites evaluated by 2020