A priority area for Bouygues Construction for over ten years has been issues of ethics and compliance with standards. These are part and parcel of the trust that we inspire in our customers, our co-workers, our investors and our shareholders as well as in all of our partners. This trust is won through the adoption of rules of conduct that are set out in the Practical guide to the implementation of the ethics code and compliance programmes that apply wherever we operate.

These ethics rules are enshrined at the highest level of the business. They call upon every manager and co-worker to abide by a professional ethics code set out in the form of ‘principles of action’ that must be a guide to the manager or co-worker’s behaviour under all circumstances, and in every country

“As a business involved in buildings and public works with a presence in over 60 countries where practices in business can vary greatly, the implementation of shared regulations has meant that we can think ahead when it comes to regulatory changes, we can make our rules and procedures more comprehensive, and we can develop a culture of ethics and compliance among our 57 000 co-workers.

Jean-marc Kiviatkowski
deputy director-general at Bouygues Construction in charge of legal affairs, insurance, audits, internal controls and compliance
Ethics and Compliance: Bouygues Construction’s Ambition and Performance
  • 100% of Bouygues Construction employees have completed the Fair Deal online training module 
  • 100% of directors and heads of department at Bouygues Construction are personally committed to ethics
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The online training device Fair Deal involves every worker in a role-play situation. It is down to the worker to help Fair Deal players make decisions that are in line with the Group’s ethics and compliance standards. Every role-play ends with advice and reference to internal guidelines.


A range of tools is available to implement the Group’s rules and regulations on ethical matters including an ethics code, a risk map, third-party management, a compliance programme, limitations on trade brokering, a patronage & sponsoring policy, a gift and invitation policy, and a procedure for flagging and handling alerts.


Every co-worker has access to the Practical guide to the implementation of the ethics code and compliance programmes. The Guide is comprehensive, specific, concrete and thorough, and explains how the principles of the Bouygues Group’s Ethics Code and Compliance Programmes are applied.