A priority area for Bouygues Construction for over ten years has been issues of ethics and compliance with standards. These are part and parcel of the trust that we inspire in our customers, our co-workers, our investors and our shareholders as well as in all of our partners. This trust is won through the adoption of rules of conduct that are set out in the Practical guide to the implementation of the ethics code and compliance programmes that apply wherever we operate.

These ethics rules are enshrined at the highest level of the business. They call upon every manager and co-worker to abide by a professional ethics code set out in the form of ‘principles of action’ that must be a guide to the manager or co-worker’s behaviour under all circumstances, and in every country.

Ethics and Compliance: Bouygues Construction’s Ambition and Performance

The managers at Bouygues Construction and the employees particularly exposed to certain compliance risks are trained by completing the online ethics training ByCompliant  des collaborateurs Bouygues Construction sont formés au module de formation en ligne Fair Deal    100% of directors and heads of department at Bouygues Construction are personally committed to ethics

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ByCompliant is an online ethics training designed and developed by the Bouygues Construction teams, introducing the risky situations from an ethics and compliance standpoint to the employees within the scope of their missions: corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest, competition, and many other sensitive topics are presented with charts, news articles and videos. Employee completes the training by a quiz on the relevant topics.


A range of tools is available to implement the Group’s rules and regulations on ethical matters including an ethics code, a risk map, third-party management, a compliance programme, limitations on trade brokering, a patronage & sponsoring policy, a gift and invitation policy, and a procedure for flagging and handling alerts.


Every co-worker has access to the Practical guide to the implementation of the ethics code and compliance programmes. The Guide is comprehensive, specific, concrete and thorough, and explains how the principles of the Bouygues Group’s Ethics Code and Compliance Programmes are applied.


  • Code of ethics : The Code contributes to establishing confidence among customers, staff, shareholders and stakeholders. It sets the rules of conduct that everyone must apply. It is a reference in terms of business practices and behavior for each Manager and staff The Code is intended to be shared with all stakeholders with whom we interact. We expect them to comply with it or to apply standards that are least equivalent to those set out in our Code of Ethics. Code of ethics (other languages available here)


  • Anti-corruption code of conduct : The Bouygues Group condemns all forms of active and passive Corruption and Influence peddling, whether in the public or private sector and whether committed in France or abroad and the Group has a zero tolerance policy as regards corruption and any breach of the applicable rules. This code sets out the anti-corruption information, prevention, detection, control and sanction measures to be implemented everywhere the Group conducts business. Anti-corruption code of conduct (other languages available here)


  • Whistleblowing facility : The Group encourages freedom of speech and has rolled out a secure system for collecting and processing whistleblowing alerts. The system is accessible to all and guarantees the confidentiality: of the whistleblower’s identity, of the identity of the persons implicated in the whistleblowing alert, and of any other information obtained. Whistleblowing facility