As designers and builders of the cities of the future, Bouygues Construction faces a range of new trends and directions: environmental transitions, digital transformations, changes in how we use things, demographic growth and increasing urbanisation.

The business’s responsibility lies in considering, anticipating and understanding these major changes, but also in successfully applying its experience to share this understanding with its ecosystem. Co-building alongside those involved with the land being developed is all about sharing and entering into a dialogue with inhabitants, residents, schools and universities as well as with its innovative ecosystems, start-ups, researchers and organisations in order to innovate and build the solutions of tomorrow together.

“To continually deliver more value to our customers we must put ourselves in the position of the users and understand, and then we must incorporate into our daily life new expectations that fall within the most varied domains including in health, education, work, getting around, inter-generational connections and relaxation in physical spaces. Opening ourselves to society is about getting out of our comfort zone and exploring the spectrum of the possible – and the desirable – with humility.”  

François Pitti
director of new business and strategic marketing at Bouygues Construction

people made available in 2018 for collaborative workshops or customer events. 



Linkcity projects led with a collaborative CityPlay initiative

Achievement and solutions

This building project at Mont-Saint-Aignan in Normandy is driven by a desire to bring children and the city together. It has been designed as a collaborative project thanks to the creative skills of over 30 participants aged 7 to 77!


Linkcity is the property development arm of Bouygues Construction that works closely with citizens and local hubs. More than ever, Linkcity carries forward our vision of a collaborative urban fabric. During summer 2018, Linkcity led a small-scale future venture at Aix-en-Provence at which a range of entities were brought together: those involved on the ground, residents, occupational therapists, innovators and others around a single challenge: to come up with the residence of the future, together.


At Lyon, Linkcity is trialling a new way of designing the city that is led and enriched by a consortium of 14 industrial partners. This ‘urban innovation generator’ acts alongside the Eurêka Club as a genuine incubator for innovative citizen projects, encompassing a range of initiatives including recycling and renewable energy third places.  Eurêka Confluence is a testament to the innovation capacity of Bouygues Construction for urban projects that serve end-users and the community spirit.


The urban project designed by Linkcity and UrbanEra, a subsidiary of Bouygues Immobilier, is part of a renovation plan of a district in the city of Marseille that is supported by Euroméditerranée. The objective is to recreate a vibrant residential district, taking inspiration from the city’s industrial and artisan heritage. Within the district is an urban manufacturing unit and a community of makers who are skilled at Do-It-Yourself, in which a sharing economy is set up – the idea being to re-energise the community.


Bouygues Construction has created CityPlay: a range of solutions that is serious and entertaining, as well as being digital and an embodiment of the concept. It centres around a collaborative urban manufacturing unit involving ‘serious’ games, in which a district is co-designed to include homes that are imbued with the project’s energy, collaborative budgets for a project, use of citizen engagement and much more. 


Bouygues Construction has led an open, collaborative initiative on mobility of people and goods to co-produce together (users and stakeholders) a vision of mobility by 2030. Mobility resources and requirements were studied through the prism of citizen uses and aspirations. A range of stakeholders took part in the consideration including mobility operators, local authorities, institutions, businesses, start-ups, sociologists and property entities.


Through its Wizom residence solutions, Bouygues Construction offers a range of solutions that take into account the diversification of family set-ups, lifestyle changes and the specific needs of every individual.
The Wizom Rehabilitation solution bases its approach on the concept of contributing to a better life together, sustainably enhancing the value of heritage assets, and making the development area more appealing.  


Bouygues Construction has partnered with WWF France, supporting its Reinventing cities initiative aimed at bringing businesses and local authorities together to achieve more sustainable urban lifestyles.
This approach is being rolled out through the integration of ten sustainability principles within the tools of Bouygues Construction. The partnership is also a good opportunity to share and enhance best practice and innovative solutions among the various stakeholders.