Built by (and for) Frédérik!

01/30/2015 | News

Built by (and for) Frédérik!

  • Built by (and for) Frédérik!

    Frédérick, technical services and operations manager at the Vincennes Zoo ©Thierry Borredon

  • Giraffes Vincennes Zoo

    The giraffes, stars of the Vincennes Zoo ©Laurent Zylberman

  • Vincennes Zoo tropical house

    Under the tropical house heated to 25° all year-round ©Laurent Blossier

  • Vincennes Zoo

    The new parkis divided into 5 vast biozones ©Laurent Zylberman

  • Vincennes Zoo

    Visitors are immersed with animals in the new zoo ©Laurent Zylberman

For our employees, the completion of a project is not always the end of the story. After having worked on the site for several years and supervising the works, they are happy to go back to the places they helped to build. Find out more about these employees who have become users of the facilities they helped to build.

We continue our series with Frédérick, technical services and operations manager of the new Vincennes Zoo, amourous spectator of diversity and animal beauty.

Frédérick, who has always been an animal-lover, had the good fortune to become technical services and operations manager at Vincennes Zoo, just outside Paris, at Bouygues Energies & Services, our subsidiary in charge of site maintenance and cleaning of the park. With his team of nine technicians, he is responsible for keeping the pools clean and makes sure that they are at the right temperature. “A two-degree variation will kill our dendrobate frogs.” Another responsibility is to inspect the locks on the enclosures to ensure that no animal ever comes face to face with keepers or visitors.

Every day, Frédérick finds out a little bit more about the animals. “I love wildlife documentaries and thought I was already pretty well-informed, but I know much more now from spending time with them. You can learn as much from listening to the head keepers as from an eight-hour documentary”, he laughs. With the zoo staff, they also share happy times like the birth of Douzy, the baby giraffe, this summer.

Frédérick feels privileged: “It’s like being a VIP visitor. Once, I found myself just a couple of feet away from a white rhinoceros. There was a safety wall between us, but being so close to such a rare animal was a really moving experience.”

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