Innovation is open at Bouygues Construction!

12/01/2014 | News

Innovation is open at Bouygues Construction!

On 6 and 7 October 2014, Bouygues Construction welcomed more than 400 customers and partners to its first Innovation Campus organised at Challenger in the spirit of collaborative innovation. More than forty-five innovations were on show, making this very promising first edition the perfect showcase for the huge range of innovations from Bouygues Construction and our partners concerning this strategic topic.

Alongside the seven round tables on various themes (the act of building, financing, building performance or even new uses), guests and employees were able to visit an exhibition of more than forty-five key innovations prepared by Bouygues Construction with its partners covering the whole value chain of the construction.



Drones for studies and diagnoses

Drones have been co-developed by Bouygues Energies & Services as a reliable and adaptable hi-tech tool that can take on missions ranging from simple aerial photos to topographical surveys covering several square kilometres. Thanks to the technological features they carry -still cameras, high definition video cameras, thermal imaging cameras- drones are able to contribute to a range of projects: technical inspections, site monitoring and even field surveys for buildings and high voltage lines.



Jet-Snake is a tunnel borer cutter head inspection and cleaning system used by Bouygues Travaux Publics on the worksite for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao motorway bridge. Made up of a poly-articulated arm and a high pressure jet, it can enter a cutting chamber, where the air is compressed, through an opening of just 180 mm in diameter. This makes it possible to inspect the cutter heads and sensors that adjust the rotation of the tunnel borer according to the geology and thereby limit the need for human interventions in often difficult conditions.

showroom innovations numériques

Showroom of digital innovations

The "Showroom" that was recently built by Bouygues Construction at Challenger was presented for the first time, bringing together a wide range of digital experiments:

  • An immersive reality device that makes it possible to carry out a number of simulations inside a structure which has yet to be built under real-life conditions.
  • The "Bouygues Construction city" model in augmented reality
  • A "serious game" developed around the renovation of Challenger


The result of the collaboration between a number of partners (notably Bouygues Energies & Services, Renault, Alstom, the CEA and UVSQ), eco2charge is working on developing an intelligent power storage system using recycled batteries from electric vehicles. The project, which is aiming for commercialisation before the end of 2016, is assisted by Ademe as part of the Vehicle of the Future Programme.


Hybrid solar panel

The hybrid solar panel designed by DualSun has been deployed on a large scale on the Challenger site. It provides both electricity (photovoltaic) and hot water (thermal). This technology works for all the buildings on the site. Their unprecedented yield makes it possible to produce two to four times more energy than standard photovoltaic panels.


Smart glass

SageGlass®, the electrochromic glass created by Saint-Gobain, darkens itself electronically whilst remaining transparent to maximise the provision of natural light in every season. This system, which reduces the need for electric lighting and contributes to user comfort, is being used by Bouygues Construction on several major building projects.


Innovation is open at Bouygues Construction!

"Innovation is essential for us. So we need to get all members of staff involved and show that innovation is technical, but also wider in all the Group's activities, with all our partners. That's the dynamics we want to show with this first Innovation Campus!"

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