2014 Purchasing Suppliers Meeting: spotlight on our partners!

12/05/2014 | News

2014 Purchasing Suppliers Meeting: spotlight on our partners!

On 25 November 2014, Bouygues Construction Purchasing, the Purchasing network of Bouygues Construction, played host to almost 500 people at its Challenger head office, including more than 300 representatives from among its main suppliers, as an opportunity to discuss the key issues that the Group faces for the future, to further strengthen their partnerships and together shape a better life.

After an initial convention in 2012, the 2014 event was marked by the Purchasing sector's desire to create a sustainable relationship with those suppliers who support us in the successful running of all our worksites, both in France and abroad.

One objective: to strengthen partnerships with our suppliers

Faced with the development of the construction business lines and changing practices due to the introduction of digital technology, Purchasing must address a number of challenges which require new ways of working. The 25 November meeting was an opportunity to share our objectives with our suppliers and to foster a greater understanding of our requirements, leading to greater competitiveness. This initiative was welcomed by our stakeholders as a wonderful operation which created meaning and prospects for the Bouygues Construction purchasing strategy.

"This convention is an opportunity to reaffirm to our suppliers that we would like to develop a long-term relationship, based on the shared creation of value thanks to collaboration with our partners. We would like to accelerate our joint search for innovation, particularly in order to meet the new challenges involved in digital modelling and thus continue to put forward the most competitive, innovative and sustainable solutions."

Franck Le Guillou, Bouygues Construction Purchasing Director

In order to guarantee a sustainable competitive advantage for all the Group's entities, the Purchasing network is positioned throughout the project value chain, from the design phase to operation. Its expertise and ability to offer the best products would not be possible without the support and involvement of those suppliers with whom a specific support process has been put in place. The convention therefore helped to make our stakeholders aware of this fact and to highlight the exemplary partnerships that have led to effective, sustainable joint developments, such as our collaboration with Steelcase on the design of office furniture.

Trophies for promoting our partners' innovations

As Purchasing has an important role to play in devising new solutions, the Purchasing Department wanted to step up its commitment to innovation by rewarding its most innovative partners in the Group's major areas of activity.


Building: Simpler day-to-day relations

Menuiseries Nicolas, an SME from Côtes-d’Armor in Brittany specialising in PVC exterior joinery, was the first company to set up a standardisation process with Bouygues Construction for its products and IT processes. This operation led to time savings, greater understanding between the two partners and the creation of plan books which will eventually be integrated into digital modelling.



Civil works: Shared reflection on R&D

Palmieri, the tunnelling equipment specialist located in Bouches-du-Rhône, has had a special relationship with Bouygues Construction for twenty years. This collaboration has led to the development of joint innovations, such as several specific, innovative cutting disks for tunnelling machines, like the Mobydic instrumented cutting disk used on the A41, the Gautrain rail link in South Africa and the Hong Kong metro. The excellent relationship between the two Groups has been essential for the joint accomplishment of these R&D operations.

showroom innovations numériques


Energy & Services: When collaboration brings together innovation and energy performance

LG Electronics, based in Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis), and Bouygues Energies & Services have co-developed, tested and perfected a new heat pump climate system with a variable hydraulic flow. This specific product was created and used for the first time during the renovation of Challenger, the head office of Bouygues Construction. It allows reductions in energy consumption and helps to make Challenger a positive energy building.



Non-Production Purchasing: Innovative uses for employees

Under the leadership of Bouygues Construction, the French subsidiary of Hertz has developed a 24/7 "self-service", which allows employees to book a vehicle at seven French airports without having to go to the desk. This service will soon be rolled out to the largest TGV stations and other airports.

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