Marseille: Linkcity and Bouygues Immobilier chosen to develop the eco-neighbourhood of the future

02/19/2016 | News

Marseille: Linkcity and Bouygues Immobilier chosen to develop the eco-neighbourhood of the future

Eco-neighbourhood XXL - Marseille - Linkcity
In November 2015, l’Etablissement Public Euroméditerranée chose the Marseille Makers consortium piloted by Linkcity and Bouygues Immobilier to create the XXL eco-neighbourhood. The project is unprecedented for both its selection process and its ambition for sustainable development and quality of life for future users.

Provisionally called XXL, the project concerns 14 hectares in the recently created Littorale mixed-development zone in the north of Marseille, and it will combine a wide range of structures, such as housing, offices, and shops, as well as innovative services.

An unprecedented selection process: call for interest

The call for interest is a first in France in development procedures. It means that the expertise of large urban operators can be used to create fast and innovative solutions to meet the needs of sprawling, underprivileged areas such as the XXL eco-neighbourhood in Marseille—in terms of economic development, facilities, and services.

A multi-stage collaboration

The call for interest also gives the contracting party the power to set out a collaboration schedule adapted to their requirements and the specific characteristics of the area concerned. In the case of the XXL neighbourhood, the project will progress as follows:

  • After the partner consortium is selected by a jury of experts and important figures, an objectives agreement is signed with l’Etablissement Public Euroméditerranée.
  • Then the twelve-month study phase will start off to refine the urban development plan proposed by the François Leclerc architectural firm.
  • At the end of the study year, Euroméditerranée can assign the consortium a first construction phase covering nearly 200,000 m2, subject to a framework agreement.

The aim is that the transformation of this area in Marseille will come about quickly and that the new facilities, roads and buildings will be built within five years.

Marseille Makers: a team and project that are firmly collaborative

Combining the strengths of Linkcity, a Bouygues Construction property development network, and Bouygues Immobilier, a leader in private property development in France, the Marseille Makers consortium won the contract based on:

  • Its eco-neighbourhood and multi-product operations experience in France and abroad
  • Its innovative property concepts such as Green Office® and Next Door®
  • Its cross-cutting approach to structures and uses
  • Its ability to create an eco-system between stakeholders

To create its proposal and develop it, the consortium effectively united various parties under the shared aim of creating, and living, together as a community. The project's creation in cooperation with public and private stakeholders, associations, and local residents, and also thanks to the participation of innovative partners, such as the designer Ora-ïto or the start-up Embix, will result in a participatory design and collaborative work for the future together.

A neighbourhood with a strong ambition for sustainability

With multiple shops and offices, the XXL neighbourhood in Marseille will be a strong lever for local economic development. While preserving the area's character and maintaining the business activities that make up its identity, such as the Marché aux Puces, the project will also create local jobs in the sectors of the future. It aims, for example, to use a new training model based on informal and community-based apprenticeship.

The eco-neighbourhood will also offer energy-saving, comfortable and adaptable housing. It will be a true intergenerational Marseille village that prioritises community living by making available several public spaces adapted to an outward-looking Mediterranean population, as well as new sport and leisure centre concepts.

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