Our employees armed with their commitment

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Our employees armed with their commitment

  • Our employees armed with their commitment

    Le soutien de Ricardo et de Terre Plurielle a permis d'équiper l'établissement Maurice-Coutrot de Bondy de 12 tableaux blancs interactifs.

  • Our employees armed with their commitment

    La générosité de Julie a permis de venir en aide aux Restos du cœur des Yvelines.

  • Our employees armed with their commitment

    Matthieu est convaincu de l'utilité de la Street League Academy qui mixe matchs de foot et coaching professionnel.

Our societal commitment is in particular carried forward by our corporate foundation Terre Plurielle, which contributes to the development of local communities of the countries in which we operate. Through their involvement and their dedication to the most deprived sections of society, our employees, committed sponsors, make all our promises of building a better life come true on a daily basis.

Right from its launch in 2008, Terre Plurielle has been extending its financial backing to projects sponsored by employees who commit themselves to the seriousness of purpose of the supported association. The sponsor plays a decisive role, by virtue of his awareness of local requirements and the specificities peculiar to each country. In fact this is the first and foremost criterion for the selection of projects.

Over and above financial support, projects having a connection with the Group's businesses can also benefit from non-financial support by way of skills: employees come to support associations to advise them or concretely participate in seeing a work through. In this fashion, the supported projects can benefit from the expertise and innovative capabilities of the Group.

For Quentin d’Epenoux, general manager of Terre Plurielle, the involvement of the sponsors is crucial: "Commitment is a distinct value at Bouygues Construction and comes out on a day-to-day basis in the involvement of our sponsors, irrespective of the position they hold in the company, ranging from construction workers to managers. At the end of the day, the wealth of Terre Plurielle is its story written with our 193 committed employees and ambassadors of our activities.


A discussion with these sponsors who combine their professional activity and solidarity.


Ricardo "I am really proud that my company backed this project"

In Bondy, Terre Plurielle funded the acquisition of a dozen interactive whiteboards in an institution for children with disabilities to facilitate communication between pupils and teachers. The project was proposed by Ricardo, a construction worker at Brézillon, whose son studies in this school: "These technological tools are a real pedagogical asset for children with cognitive problems related to attention, memorising, etc. due to their motor handicaps. I am really proud that my company backed this project. ”


Julie "I wanted to invest more of myself as an employee"

After organising a food collection at Challenger, the head office of Bouygues Construction, in 2014, Julie decided to sustain her commitment by presenting a project to Terre Plurielle for the funding of a cold storage and eight refrigerated glass cases for the departmental association of the Restos du Cœur of Yvelines. It also enables the donation of 100 computers to the entire association from Structis, the IT subsidiary of the Group, and receiving people undergoing integration for immersion training programmes at Bouygues Energies & Services. "One of my greatest joys is to have succeeded in involving other employees in this journey. Without them nothing would have been possible. I am proud of the extent of participation from all entities of Bouygues Construction in this project. ”


Matthieu "This commitment gives meaning to my professional life"

The mission of the Street League Academy, in the United Kingdom, consists of fostering professional integration of underprivileged youth by offering them weekly football sessions. The goal? Help these people discarded by the job market when they go looking for employment, by working on their social and interpersonal skills, self esteem and job search. For Matthieu, a highly involved employee from Bouygues UK, this partnership entails a very strong emotional investment: "This commitment gives meaning to my professional life. I have come to know them, a genuine relationship has developed between us and I want to help them in the long run. Seeing them rediscover confidence in themselves is the most beautiful reward ever."


Bonnie "I am participating in a really useful project"

The mission of the association Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth (HKFHY) consists of reinforcing self confidence, improving vocational skills and facilitating access to employment of individuals with disabilities. 1,490 adults have been supported through a suitable programme and receive the help of devoted volunteers like Bonnie. "With Dragages Hong Kong, we have been supporting HKFHY for several years through fund-raising and coordination of their activities with the volunteers. This project moves me particularly since it allows me to work on both physical and mental health, which is especially important for the handicapped. Apart from giving them back their confidence, it offers them the possibility of making new friends and discovering other countries. ”

Find other lovely stories of sponsors in the foundation's 2014 Progress Report.


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