Sustainable Development, a strategy rooted in the Bouygues Construction Group’s business lines!

09/06/2016 | News

Sustainable Development, a strategy rooted in the Bouygues Construction Group’s business lines!

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Through its various business lines, Bouygues Construction is exposed to all forms of biodiversity and faces major challenges relating to them. Consequently, through its actions, the Group is seeking to reconcile the restoration of nature, sustainable construction and the quest for well-being. In this perspective, Bouygues Construction relies on the expertise of specialised associate bodies such as Noé, the WWF, the LPO (Bird protection association) and the Union Nationale de l’Apiculture Française (National French Bee-keeping Union). The strategy put in place by the Group gained recognition from the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS) at COP21 which took place in December 2015.

Biodiversity, a major issue

Aware of the growing pressure that human activities are placing upon natural resources and ecological balance, Bouygues Construction considers it has a responsibility as a constructor and operator to understand and limit the ecological footprint of its work. 

Indeed, the Group has long taken biodiversity into consideration in its infrastructure projects. Firstly, in order to meet regulatory obligations and then, from the 2000s, to develop innovative solutions in terms of environmental mitigation. The buildings and energy and services business areas have in turn become aware of the real and growing issue which biodiversity represents.

In 2011, the Group therefore defined a clear strategy shared by all its business lines, consistent with its commitment in terms of sustainable development, and built an overall company vision. The Group chose to make biodiversity a driver for sustainable construction and a factor contributing to the added value of its offerings.

A biodiversity strategy and action programme

The biodiversity strategy and its action programme were adopted in May 2012 after a long process. Implementing this ambitious programme and applying it across all of the company’s business lines currently constitutes the Group’s voluntary commitment as part of the 2011-2020 national biodiversity strategy.

Three strategic objectives shared by all Bouygues Construction entities have been defined to respond to the findings made. First of all, technical expertise must be strengthened and innovative solutions should be developed to preserve and enhance biodiversity in all projects, new offerings and new services must be offered to our customers and the Group's commitment in terms of biodiversity should be asserted. These three key objectives can be broken down into 10 practical actions which guide the Group’s strategy in all their activities.

The main focus areas of the strategy have been broken down in each business line and adapted to their specific issues: biodiversity in property-development projects for the buildings division, application of the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle principle in infrastructure projects, sustainable lighting for the Energy and Services division, etc.

Through active R&D, a greater level of expertise and, above all, a growing awareness of biodiversity issues in-house, the Group's biodiversity action is playing a role in the collective dynamic to promote a transition towards ecologically responsible building in the sector of buildings, public works and associated services.

A recognised National Biodiversity Strategy commitment

On 8 December 2015, Bouygues Construction was awarded the National Biodiversity Strategy prize by the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in the Climate Generation space, which welcomed key French and international players from civil society as well as numerous conferences on climate issues at COP21. This distinction is a reward for the efforts made by Bouygues Construction to introduce or reintroduce biodiversity and limit the ecological footprint of the projects from all its areas of business: Buildings, Public Works, Energy & Services, and Concessions.

Some pieces of work which have been subject to actions promoting biodiversity:

Bouygues Construction has also played a role in creating the BiodiverCity® label, the first international label to take account of biodiversity in property-development construction and renovation projects, currently managed by the IBPC. The Group has also created Biositiv, an advice and support structure for preserving biodiversity for development project operators.

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