25km for European Heritage Days!

09/15/2016 | News

25km for European Heritage Days!

  • Bouygues Construction's Archives
  • Bouygues Construction's Archives
  • Bouygues Construction's Archives
25km – it's the length of the shelving hidden beneath Challenger, Bouygues Construction's headquarters, the home of the archives!

Discover the secret corridors...

For European Heritage Days, employees had/have the unique opportunity to visit the storage of documents. It's a real labyrinth of boxes and shelves! Everything is perfectly organised and numbered however. And for good reason...

But how big are the archives really?

Sure, we're far from the 385km of shelves of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, but still, there are more than 700,000 files in our 25km of shelves! You have to be able to find your way around without any issues... And that's just for Challenger! Let's not forget all the electronic data as well, all 15TB of it! That's about 10,700 DVDs!  That's without including the documents that are stored elsewhere in France and around the world! It's starting to add up now...

Yes, but... what is in the Bouygues Construction archives?

Plans, pay slips, contracts, film reels, old registers...

In each country, there are also archive systems that store all worksite information.

All this comes with many challenges, an obvious one being space, but also storage: temperature, humidity, fire protection, insects... It's not always an easy task, depending on where you are.

Shall we keep going with the figures?

OK, then, but just one more: 5. That is the number of employees that are dedicated to this painstaking work... That's not to forget the people trained in archiving software in subsidiaries around the world! They count for 700 at the moment, but that number is ever-increasing.

Right, to finish, a quick calculation: 3.7 million electronic documents divided by 700 employees: that's "only" 5,285 documents per person!


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