Bouygues Construction joins WWF's forest and trade network

09/06/2010 | Release

Bouygues Construction joins WWF's forest and trade network

Bouygues Construction has signed a five-year partnership agreement with WWF, the environmental NGO, to become a member of its Global Forest and Trade Network, becoming the first player in the French construction sector to join. The Group has made a commitment to increase the volume of wood it purchases that comes from sustainably managed forests and is distributed by streams guaranteeing total traceability.

This move forms part of Bouygues Construction's sustainable development policy, known as Actitudes, corresponding in particular to one of the seven key themes defined by the Group: "Ensure that our businesses respect the environment."

The Global Forest and Trade Network will support Bouygues Construction in its endeavour. It will provide a broad range of criteria which will help purchasers target the best supply streams and set up long-term partnerships with suppliers. The alternative sources of wood that they offer must be competitive economically.

For all its sites, whether in France or other countries, the Group purchases wood for a wide variety of utilisations, including formwork, timber frames, cladding, doors, parquet floors, window frames, patios, balustrades, staircases and furniture.

Every six months, Bouygues Construction and the Global Forest and Trade Network will carry out assessments to monitor implementation of the action plan.

The Forest and Trade Network - France was launched in 2008 at the initiative of WWF, with the aim of eliminating illegal logging and improving the management of forests. By encouraging trade links between companies committed to responsible forestry management, the Forest and Trade Network creates market conditions that are favourable to the conservation of threatened forests around the world, while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people that depend on them. 

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