Bouygues Construction wins contracts in Switzerland worth almost €200 million

11/16/2011 | Release

Bouygues Construction wins contracts in Switzerland worth almost €200 million

Losinger Marazzi, a Swiss subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, has recently signed a number of substantial contracts worth a total of over €190 million (237 million Swiss francs). 

In Monthey, in south-western Switzerland, the firm will build a commercial property development consisting of 6,000 m2 of retail premises and 1,300 m2 of offices. The complex will also include two apartment buildings, a retirement home and a 450-place car park. 
The development, which is located in the Trollietta district and will be known as M Central, will be built according to the principles of sustainable construction and will be compliant with the Minergie® standard(1). The buildings will be hooked up to the long-distance heating system installed by the city of Monthey, which uses heat produced by the incineration of household waste. 
The works will be launched early next year and are scheduled to last 24 months. Roughly 200 employees will be working on-site at peak periods. 

Losinger Marazzi is also due to construct two complexes with a combined surface area of 12,400 m2 in Thoune, in the canton of Bern. They will incorporate offices, apartments, a retirement home, shops and a multi-screen cinema. The project, which is being developed with the architects Holzer Kobler, will also qualify for the Minergie® (1) label. 
The works will take more than 24 months to complete, and will start in spring 2012. 
Both these contracts have been developed by Losinger Marazzi, which will be the lead company. The sites are located in city centres in confined locations. Particular attention will be given to minimizing disturbance for local residents. 

Meanwhile, Losinger Marazzi has signed a contract worth 31 million Swiss francs (roughly €25 million) as the main contractor building a shopping centre in Nyon for Migros, the leading supermarket chain in Switzerland. 

Losinger Marazzi specialises in developing and constructing high value-added projects. The company possesses acknowledged know-how in "multi-product" operations, which include offices, shops, housing or premises serving other functions. 
Sustainable construction is central to Losinger Marazzi's strategy. It is currently developing the country's three largest eco-neighbourhoods (Eikenøtt in Gland, GreenCity in Zurich and Gleis Nord in Lenzburg). 

It has also constructed buildings of great architectural complexity, such as the Rolex Learning Center at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, handed over in September 2009, and the Maison de l'Ecriture, currently under construction in Montricher. Losinger Marazzi recorded sales of approximately €510 million (700 million Swiss francs) in 2010 and employs 760 people. 

Other Bouygues Construction subsidiaries also operate in Switzerland. These include Prader Losinger, in public works, and ETDE, the Group's energy and services division, which acquired Mibag, a local company specialising in maintenance and facilities management, in 2007. In addition, the head office and R&D teams of VSL, a subsidiary specialising in post-tensioning systems, are located in Switzerland. 
(1)        The Minergie® standard is a quality label created in Switzerland intended for both new and renovated buildings. 

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