Bouygues Construction wins two contracts in Singapore worth around €160 million

11/29/2011 | Release

Bouygues Construction wins two contracts in Singapore worth around €160 million

Dragages Singapore, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, has recently signed two contracts worth a combined total of approximately €160 million. 

The company will construct a 90,000 m2 residential complex called Blossom Residences, consisting of three buildings of 16 to 18 floors. These buildings are part of a housing development that will benefit from financial aid from the local government to promote home-ownership among Singaporeans. 
The contract, worth roughly €93 million (164 million Singapore dollars), was signed with property developer CDL. 
The project will require a sustained effort from the company's teams, because the three buildings are being constructed simultaneously. Work has just got under way, and it will last until Spring 2014. Some 500 people will be working on-site at peak periods. 

Dragages Singapore has also signed a contract worth around €64 million (116 million Singapore dollars) with the property developer SC Global for the construction of a prestigious high-rise apartment block in Singapore. 
Designed by the architect Carlos Zapata and located in Ardmore Park, one of the most exclusive districts of Singapore, the 17,400 m2 tower will comprise 35 apartments on 36 levels. 
One of the difficulties of the project resides in the construction of four private 15-metre swimming pools cantilevered on the facade. The curtain wall incorporates a sophisticated system of directional sun screens intended to regulate light and heat according to the position of the sun. Work is due to begin in the next few weeks, and handover is scheduled for March 2014. 
250 people will be working on-site at peak periods. 

Both of these projects subscribe to the principle of sustainable construction, and will be granted Green Mark(1) certification by the Singapore authorities. 

These new successes are proof of the versatility of Bouygues Construction's offer. It is capable of producing high quality buildings adapted to the needs of the affordable housing sector as well as those of property developers requiring luxury features. 

The Group is currently building the Sports Hub in Singapore, a multisport facility which is the world's large public-private partnership in the sport sector. 

Bouygues Construction has operated in Southeast Asia for roughly 25 years. The region constituted 13% of its consolidated sales in 2010 (Pacific included). 

(1) Label launched in 2005 by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority to encourage more environmentally-friendly design and construction. 

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