Terre Plurielle awards the first prize for professional integration and inclusion in the "Commited to the Inner City" competition

12/16/2012 | Release

Terre Plurielle awards the first prize for professional integration and inclusion in the "Commited to the Inner City" competition

Terre Plurielle, the Bouygues Construction corporate foundation, has for the first time sponsored the prize for professional integration and inclusion in the "Committed to the Inner City" competition 2012 organised by FACE (the Act Against Exclusion Foundation) and ANRU (the National Agency for Urban Renewal). The accolade was awarded to CIDFF 78, the Information Centre for Women's and Families' Rights for the Yvelines département. As with all the prizes in the "Committed to the Inner City" competition, the presentation was made by François Lamy, Minister with responsibility for Urban Affairs, attached to the Minister for Regional Equality and Housing. 

The award of this prize stems from the strategic partnership set up between Terre Plurielle/Bouygues Construction and FACE in March 2012, with the aims of combating exclusion and promoting greater social cohesion through professional integration. In addition to the funding of a prize in the "Committed to the Inner City" competition, the partnership entails Terre Plurielle helping to raise the professional competency of FACE's territorial network by funding training programmes on the special employment conditions available for disadvantaged people. The Bouygues Construction foundation will also take part in the "Job
Academy", an operation to help young people with or without 
school-leaving qualifications living in sensitive urban zones. They will be mentored and supported by Group employees. 

Bouygues Construction, a leading player in the local jobs market, operates a very ambitious social inclusion policy. In 2011, more than 400 operations were carried out in collaboration with work integration structures. 

Providing employment opportunities for members of disadvantaged communities is one of the areas on which Terre Plurielle focuses its attention. The corporate foundation was founded in 2008. It is currently giving financial support to approximately 100 projects sponsored by company employees seeking to promote access to health, education and professional inclusion, both in France and abroad. 

"Committed to the Inner City", a competition jointly organised by FACE and ANRU, in partnership with the National Agency Association for Social Cohesion and Equality of Opportunity, the Social Housing Confederation, Terre Plurielle and GDF Suez, rewards projects developed by associations, local authorities, public establishments and small and medium-size businesses in neighbourhoods that have been undergone or are undergoing renewal, as determined by ANRU. It seeks to promote projects that are factors of economic growth and social cohesion, leveraging their economic, social and cultural impact and enabling them to create good examples, even serve as models. Four national prizes and a grand prix are awarded each year in the competition. 

The first prize for professional integration and inclusion, awarded by Terre Plurielle, was given to CIDFF 78 for an initiative called "Greater support for women seeking work and autonomy". The object is to provide twelve women from the Val Fourré neighbourhood in the town of Mantes-la-Jolie, in the Greater Paris region, with support to help them achieve lasting social and professional insertion. These women, who are in situations of extreme social exclusion, have been given support as a group and on an individual basis to enable them to gain a better understanding of themselves and their skills to help integrate them into the world of work. 

CIDFF 78 received a €10,000 grant from Terre Plurielle, and it will be given advice and support throughout the project.

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