Terre Plurielle, the Bouygues Construction corporate foundation, has supported over sixty projects in two years

07/06/2011 | Release

Terre Plurielle, the Bouygues Construction corporate foundation, has supported over sixty projects in two years

Terre Plurielle, the Bouygues Construction corporate foundation, was set up in July 2009, and it has already supported more than sixty projects in fifteen countries. The foundation exclusively finances projects sponsored by Group employees and which are strongly established in a given territory. This encourages teams to buy into the identification and follow-up of projects.

Terre Plurielle provides financial support for projects in four areas:

•    Healthcare, to promote public health (hygiene, access to treatment, life in hospital, etc.).

•    Disability,to improve living conditions and facilitating access to education, employment, services and leisure activities for people with disabilities. 

•    Education,to facilitate access to knowledge and study for disadvantaged young people. 

•    Employment opportunities, to support companies and other organisations working to provide access to work and vocational training for disadvantaged people.

Examples of projects supported by the foundation in France include the creation of a community-supported "Jardin de Cocagne" ("garden of plenty") in the Haute Borne scientific park in Villeneuve d'Ascq. Sponsored by employees of Norpac (the Bouygues Construction subsidiary operating in the North of France), is an organic market garden business that employs unemployed people and young people and helps prepare them for the world of work. Produce from the garden is sold directly to members of the organisation. Terre Plurielle was one of the first foundations to support the project, helping to finance a greenhouse in 2010 and a hangar in 2011.

Outside France, Terre Plurielle has participated in funding the "Respect Programme" in Portsmouth, in southern England. In this programme, which is supported by employees of Warings (on of Bouygues Construction's British subsidiaries), young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are given responsibility for looking after young people with disabilities, thereby earning them the respect and recognition of others. Thanks to funding from Terre Plurielle, it has been possible to hire a project leader to supervise this innovative social inclusion scheme.

The budget allocated to Terre Plurielle totals €1.5 million over five years. The finance attributed to each project is approximately €10,000 on average.

The corporate foundation was established in accordance with Actitudes, the Bouygues Construction Sustainable Development policy, which has been in existence since 2007. It promotes the Group's commitment to the social and economic fabric of the territories in which it operates.

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