Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre


Brickell City Centre

An urban oasis in the heart of Miami

Located in the Miami business district, the Brickell City Centre was completed by Bouygues Bâtiment International in November 2016.

Christopher Gandolfo,
Vice President for Development at Swire Properties
“It was important to us to choose a team of professionals that could offer the most competitive timeframe possible, and meet Swire Properties’ strict requirements for Brickell City Centre. We are certain that the team of John Moriarty & Associates and Bouygues Bâtiment International, which brings together the best resources in two highly-respected companies, created a project that will redefine urban quality of life in Miami for decades to come.”


Remarkable for both its size and its quality, the Brickell City Centre, located in the heart of Miami’s business district, is the largest mixed-use property development in Florida. With a total surface area of around 502,000 m², it houses a luxury shopping centre, two residential buildings, a 263-room hotel with 89 serviced apartments, a wellness centre and an office tower block.


In spring 2014, Bouygues Construction signed a partnership agreement with the American company Skycatch, which markets drones used for monitoring construction sites and buildings. The system is used to record panoramic 3D images in flight and transport heavy loads. A drone flew over the construction site for four days and transmitted the data collected. The aim was to incorporate all the data collected by the drone into the digital model so that it could be shared with all project stakeholders (methods, works, clients, partners, etc.) instantly.


This property development project is the first in Florida to be awarded LEED Neighborhood Development certification for eco-neighbourhoods. This recognition owes much to a world innovation devised by Swire Properties: the Climate Ribbon.


Concretely, the complex is equipped with a Climate Ribbon made of steel, fabric and glass running between the buildings and covering 14,000 m² of outdoor commercial space. This system regulates airflow and ensures that visitors enjoy comfortable temperatures. In other words, the Climate Ribbon is a canopy extending from one building to another to both protect passers-by from the elements and guide fresh wind from the Caribbean through the building. 

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