Internships and work/study contract

Internships and work/study contract

Internships and work/study contract

Whatever further education qualification you are studying for, Bouygues Construction can offer you an internship or a work/study contract throughout your training period. Join the 2,500 young people who come to us each year for a rewarding and empowering experience.

Internships in every area

Every year, Bouygues Construction offers around 2,500 placements on internships and work/study contracts of a variety of lengths. The fields available for these placements are very diverse (works, sales, or technical or support functions supports), as are the possible locations: the Paris region, the French provinces or other countries. And it could be on a construction site, in a head office or in an R&D unit.

For long internships (minimum 6 months), more than 100 international internships are available.

End-of-Studies Training

To maximise your chances of defending your dissertation, why not take part in the Bouygues Construction End-of-Studies Training competition? Prepare your viva with your internship supervisor and have a dry run in front of a jury made up of Group decision-makers. It’s a rare opportunity to share the conclusions of your dissertation and to hear the opinion of professionals!

Intern Days

Intern Days are organised every summer, and they are attended by all the interns in each entity, along with their internship supervisors. It’s an opportunity for people to socialise together, but also for you to review your internship and discuss your future. More than half of our new hires are former interns and apprentices. Why not you?