Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Whatever the project is, we aim at designing, building and operating sustainable buildings and structures, taking into account the expectations of all our stakeholders: clients, partners, employees and society. To do so, our strategy is organized around 4 priorities and 12 commitments.
4 Axes, 12 Commitments: 

Environment and Sustainable Construction

Protecting the environment is an integral part of our vision of sustainable construction, a commitment that our teams convert into meaningful actions

Innovating for Sustainable Construction
Eco-design effective projects
Building environmentally-friendly sites
Building, operating and maintaining for controlled performance

Listening to our customers and partners

Sustainable construction is a major challenge for our activity. It requires the involvement of all players from the construction sector; from partners to customers. Therefore, we take action on a daily basis to assist, lead and promote this strategic priority of the Group.

Establishing a relationship of trust with our customers
Committing to ethics and compliance
Sharing our goals for sustainable performance with our partners

Local engagement and solidarity

As an international group, we take special care to support the territories where we are present. This commitment is realised through the creation of jobs, but also through community aid actions.

Contribute to local development
Getting involved with communities and civil society

Development of employees

Our employees are the primary players in the group's goal of shaping a better life, therefore we have increasingly strict ideas as regards promoting their well-being.

Ensure health and safety
Ensuring equal opportunities and developing skills
Developing cohesion and well-being in the workplace