The Group in action

The Group in action

The Group in action

At Bouygues Construction, our ambition is to make the living spaces we design, build and operate increasingly better at meeting the expectations of our customers and users. How are we going to achieve this ambition? By putting innovation at the heart of our model.



More lively, more efficient, more connected, neighbourhoods are a laboratory for the sustainable city of tomorrow. Designed as ecosystems, they develop synergies between a range of functions, such as living, working, creating and travelling. Take a tour around LinkCity, our sustainable neighbourhood offer.

  • 360° offer

    Partnership Lane

    With LinkCity, Bouygues Construction develops multiple synergies between its various construction and service specialities, as well as the skills of its partners. It applies this approach systematically from the design phase through to operation, providing an integrated vision of the neighbourhood that combines social connection, environmental performance and connected services to achieve a better quality of life for the end-user.

  • Integration

    Diversity Garden

    LinkCity encourages social connection, economic life and moments of sharing. It meets the needs of residents thanks to meeting places, such as offices and hybrid spaces (co-working, fab-labs, concierge services, etc.) that encourage collective usage. Not forgetting the facilities and public spaces that encourage rewarding and community-focused daily life.

  • Performance

    Frugality Store

    LinkCity enables the sustainable neighbourhood to constrict its environmental footprint. The amenities and services it provides encourage eco-citizenship and energy frugality. It applies a circular logic to resource management, through Smart Grids, for example, which create a network for the production, storage and consumption of renewable energies within the neighbourhood. It encourages short supply chains circuits, promotes biodiversity and is moving towards the target of « zero waste ».

  • Support

    The Customer Focus Office

    Whether understanding our customers’ vital concerns, ensuring that performance commitments are met sustainably or coordinating relations with stakeholders, LinkCity calls on Bouygues Construction’s wide-ranging expertise to support its customers at each and every step of their neighbourhood project.

  • Digitalisation

    Digital Station

    LinkCity features multi-modal mobility solutions (shared cars and cycles, charging stations for electric vehicles, communal car parking). It also incorporates infrastructure connectivity to keep pace with new digital usages, through Citybox, for example, a smart street lighting system that connects users to the public space.


Innovation forms part of every stage of our projects. It feeds all our areas of expertise: property development, legal and financial engineering, eco-design, construction, maintenance and services for users. It makes a reality of sustainable construction.

  • What are the aspirations of customers and users?

    Bouygues Construction consults its stakeholders to devise innovative and sustainable solutions, particularly through the Sustainable Construction Club, a forum for discussion and reflection on future trends. At Renault’s Batilly plant in eastern France, for instance, Bouygues Energies & Services consulted all those involved in working at the site to devise a plan to shrink its environmental footprint. The result of this collaborative process was a tailor-made lighting solution that takes full account of zones and times of work, guaranteeing energy savings over five years.

  • What part will
    the project play
    in its region?

    Bouygues Construction’s dedicated Group-wide support structure, Biositiv, ensures that respecting and protecting the environment are central to its considerations at every stage of infrastructure projects. To limit the impact of the route taken by the CD 901 highway north of Beauvais, in northern France on greater-eared bats, a protected species, a 275-metre cut-and-cover tunnel was constructed beneath a forest.

  • Which partner(s) do we work with?

    Because disruptive innovations are often achieved through collective processes, the Group believes in open innovation and works with the best local companies. In Singapore, for instance, Dragages Singapore and BYME, two subsidiaries of Bouygues Bâtiment International, joined forces with Delta Dore and Cryogel, two French SMEs, to provide the Sports Hub complex with an original thermal solution: a continuous 23° C airflow that cools all 55,000 seats in the mega-stadium.

  • How are costs and schedules kept under control?

    BIM (Building Information Modelling) helps the Group keep its promises. A digital model includes all the information relating to a project, including a planning tool and an accurate budget estimate of production costs that is updated with every modification. In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the Henri Konan Bédié Bridge and all its interfaces were constructed within two years, on schedule, by Bouygues Travaux Publics, DTP and VSL, thanks to expert use of BIM.

  • What performance is achieved
    over the long term?

    Operating throughout the whole value chain, the Group focuses on the sustainability and performance of buildings and structures, applying a wide range of expertise, from legal and financial engineering to operation. The City Council offices in Bordeaux were built according to this global approach, which started with the eco-design of the positive-energy building and the anticipation of usages and continued through to the support provided in the operating phase. As a result, the Group has made a commitment that the building will maintain high levels of actual energy performance for 20 years.

10 solutions of the future

Innovation at Bouygues Construction is a culture that underlies our approach... And which enables us to co-construct original solutions alongside all our stakeholders. From drones to a robot for changing the cutting disks of TBMs in hazardous environments, here are our flagship innovations in 2014/2015.


Growing, expanding your skills, or even more... Innovation feeds into all the Group’s businesses and inspires all its employees. Particularly as Bouygues Construction encourages initiative and new ideas. We meet some employees who are looking forward to the future of construction and addressing the expectations of customers.

Hong Kong

Chun Cheong Yeung


I help to make the impossible possible – that’s my mantra! I am working on the construction of the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok undersea road tunnel. It is being bored 50 metres below the sea, making it the world’s deepest tunnel. Thanks to this amazing experience, I hope that tomorrow I will become an expert tackling the challenges of the most innovative projects!


Alexandre Garcin

Development Manager

Everything has sped up in the last five years! Our offers are inspired by a greater tendency to listen, a continuous process of open innovation and real-time pooling of information. Tomorrow, we will be able to imagine original replies to the growing diversity in the way people live and work.


Kate Thompson

Electrical Maintenance Technician

Innovation is my main challenge because our equipment involves more and more integrated software. We have to perfect and constantly share our know-how and knowledge because, in the future, electricians will have to be far more comfortable using software to maintain connected buildings!