Being responsible means working every day with respect for all our stakeholders, internal and external, and the environment. In France and in all the parts of the world where we operate, we carry out individual and collective initiatives that guarantee the health and safety of everyone, irreproachable ethical behaviour and protection of the environment.
Our first World Health
& Safety Day
12 basic rules applied on all our construction sites, in 80 countries, confirm our priorities as health and safety. To mark our strong commitment, virtually all of our sites around the world stopped work for half a day on June 13, 2017, to remind employees and the personnel of partner companies of their shared desire to achieve “zero accidents”.
“Our most precious asset is the men and women who work on our construction sites. Whether a site is in Morocco, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Paris or Bordeaux, we have to ensure the best tools, the best standards, the best quality.” Philippe Bonnave,
Chairman and Chief Executive
of Bouygues Construction
“Bouygues Construction gives every employee the opportunity to fully express his or her qualities, skills and personality, and encourages shared innovation at every level.” Jean-Manuel Soussan,
Executive Vice President,
with responsibility for human resources
and policy on corporate
and social responsibility.

Certified a Top Employer Bouygues Construction is the first construction industry company in France to be certified a Top Employer. Awarded following a rigorous survey of processes and an audit, this label recognises the quality of the company’s HR practices, covering the working environment, the development of talents and digitisation. Our certification recognises the introduction of specific tools and the thorough work we have been carrying out over several years with the whole of our HR function and with our senior management.

Women on the Move
to strengthen gender diversity
in industrial and technological professions
As part of our partnership with Elles Bougent [Women on the Move], female engineers and technicians from Bouygues Construction meet female students to educate them about gender diversity in the workplace and to raise their interest in careers in the construction industry. In 2017, our team of mentors took part in a national day called “Engineering Sciences in the Feminine”, and they organised a “diversity corner” at the ESTP Forum.
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Ubysol, for the circular economy of site waste The monumental project of constructing the 200 kilometres of networks for the Grand Paris Express rapid transport system will generate 43 million tonnes of excavated materials. To support the Société du Grand Paris, which has pledged to recycle 70% of excavated earth by 2020, Bouygues Travaux Publics has developed Ubysol, a real-time tracing tool for excavated materials that works by geo-tracking fleet vehicles. Sensors placed on skips use a mobile app to constantly update a centralised dashboard with the nature of each consignment of soil and rubble, its tonnage and its intended unloading site (quarry, storage, etc.). Simple to manage, Ubysol is an effective tool for controlling the environmental impact of excavated soil and rubble.
Sustainable cities:
the Canning Town eco-neighbourhood in London
The eco-neighbourhood construction site in Canning Town, an emerging area in East London, is one of the biggest urban regeneration projects in the UK capital. It will see the construction of 10,000 homes, the creation of thousands of jobs and a thriving town centre in a transformation that will be physical, economic and social. The construction techniques employed will reduce the neighbourhood’s carbon footprint and green spaces will be developed. The second phase of the project, construction of the new town centre, the Hallsville Quarter, was completed in 2017: around a large public square stand 350 homes (consisting of owner-occupied units and both private-sector rented accommodation and social housing), a hotel, restaurants and shops, all breathing new life into Canning Town. Linkcity has created a dynamic and vibrant new district creating new opportunities for the local community.
“By delivering new homes, a hotel, public spaces and streets full of thriving shops, Bouygues Development has created a bustling new neighbourhood in the city which can generate new opportunities for local people.” Olivier-Marie Racine,
CEO of Bouygues Bâtiment
Canning Town
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Chantier bois
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424CLT panels
were transported
by 14 trucks
A 100% timber construction
with a BBCA label
The Epicéa apartment block in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris, heralds a new generation of buildings with a very low carbon footprint. It has been certified BBCA (Low Carbon Building), meeting the criteria for sustainable construction, controlled operation, carbon storage and circular economy. The design in cross-laminated timber (CLT) meant that there was no noise, no rubble, less water used, less waste and half the CO2 emissions during construction compared to a more traditional solution. The 23-apartment building is equipped with a heat pump. The block was handed over without reservation following a fast and straightforward construction process lasting 9 months, with only 30 days required to build the superstructure.
Being committed means making a contribution to meeting some of the major challenges of society through our concrete actions in support of the territories where we operate: giving priority to local employment, to social integration and to the local added value of our projects, encouraging openness and partnership, and focusing on solidarity.
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10000 hours of work for trainees
on social integration programmes
Social integration
at the Nord Deux-Sèvres Hospital
The construction contract for the Nord Deux-Sèvres hospital in western France included a requirement to take on socially deprived trainees. Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest set up a site school for twelve people – including two young women – recruited by a local federation of construction sector employers promoting integration and training. Each of the trainees was supervised by an experienced site worker. For six months, they alternated practical work and theoretical training. At the end of this period, they were awarded professional competence certificates as formworkers.
Training to pilot
a TBM under real conditions
The invention of THALIA, the world’s first simulator for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) pilots, marks a decisive step in the industrialisation and digitisation of our businesses. In use at all our tunnelling sites, THALIA recreates real geologies and operating conditions on the basis of some fifteen hazardous scenarios. In this way, all the pilots receive the same core training, enabling them to acquire the correct reflexes for dealing with critical and dysfunctional situations. Developed by Bouygues Travaux Publics’ Tunnel Lab, THALIA won the NCE Tunnelling Award in the Technology Innovation of the Year category at the NCE Tunnelling Summit held in London in December 2017.
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250000 m2of floor space
A Mediterranean
At the heart of one of the biggest European urban operations, a consortium consisting of Linkcity and Bouygues Immobilier is starting on the regeneration of a 14-hectare area of Marseille. Designed to harmonise with the existing architectural heritage yet rooted in new lifestyles, the project offers novel solutions for producing, consuming and living side-by-side based on the principles of recycling, frugality and proximity. Its name, Les Fabriques, is a nod to both the industrial past of the district and the planned installation of the biggest hackerspaces in Europe. This eco-neighbourhood will contain housing, office buildings, shops and a variety of public facilities (including a library, a children’s day-care centre and a community centre).
Making work less tough The 2 million clamps manufactured every year by VSL have to comply perfectly with certain essential geometrical characteristics to ensure the absolute safety of the engineering structures for which they are intended. To reduce the arduousness of the essential task of inspecting every one, Bouygues Energies & Services developed an innovative solution in conjunction with Bouygues Travaux Publics: a robot combined with a camera verifies the dimensions of every single clamp. By avoiding all manipulation by an operator, this solution prevents repetitive strain injuries while optimising quality control.
4 sec
a clamp is inspected
every 4 seconds
maison imprimee
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have received support
Terre Plurielle Foundation Ever since 2008, our corporate foundation, Terre Plurielle, has supported numerous organisations around the world promoting healthcare, the fight against disability, education and social integration, offering them both financial assistance and the hands-on involvement of our employees.
Life Project 4 Youth LP4Y supports the social and professional integration of young people living in extreme poverty on the fringes of society in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. In each country, the organisation runs 18-month professional integration programmes called Professional Training for Entrepreneurs. Terre Plurielle helps finance the programme in Manila.
Bringing back the smile to street children The Virlanie Foundation runs a number of school and medical support initiatives to help street children in the Philippines. This year, for the second time, Terre Plurielle has contributed to the operating costs of the foundation’s dentistry facility, seeking to reduce the incidence and prevalence of tooth decay and gum disease.
Learning the practical way At Vaulx-en-Velin, near Lyon, the Boisard Production School is a technical school for young people who have dropped out of high school but want to learn a trade in a practical way. The school and workshop offer training in mechanics, automobiles, building and cabinet-making. Students alternate theoretical courses for one-third of the time and practical production for customers in the remaining two-thirds. The computer systems were obsolete and unsuited to the students’ needs. Terre Plurielle showed its support for this active teaching by contributing to the purchase of new computers, video projectors and software.

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